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May 28

Welcome to YAPNET

Artists and creatives of all shapes and sizes, we are so glad you are here.

Yapnet is a community that aims to help people with the solitary, but intensely wonderful experience of creation. Welcome to YAPNET — a private space where you can share unfinished work or unvarnished ideas or unrealized projects for feedback and perspective and sugestions and encouragement. From fresh, knowledgeable eyes.

We hope, too, that you'll occasionaly share finished work just for the heck of it or because you want ideas on what more to do with it. Or maybe you want to come here just to do your morning exercises by responding to someone else's work with a comment or a "sprout" — an idea triggered by someone else's work. Or, even, a writing exercise someone has created. Or maybe you just like helping others.

This is not a new social media site. This is not a replacement for other commmunities to which you belong. This is a unique space, a response space. It operates on the theory or reciprocity — to get feedback, give feedback; and if you get feedback, say thanks. We have one rule that governs this site: respect. Show it. Believe it. Practice it. Try as we might, we have never found a behavior that isn't covered by that one word.

A few defnitions are in order: We define artists as people who create. Your art can fall into any number of categories and genres and disciplines – from musicians and painters to writers and digital storytellers, from photographers and performers to educators and researchers.  So don't worry about the occupation you list on your tax forms, think about what it is you are creating and what kind of help you need and how you might gain by mingling with people in your circles -- or who see the world in different ways. And how you can help others.

And a bit of housekeeping:

  • Pre-launch: This site is not yet ready to take general applications for participants. (We say applications because we'll have a process for keeping bots, spammers and the like out of our house.) The few that are populating this site are helping test and shape the community and help it get launched.


If you're visiting us for the first time and have interest in helping us, please go to https://geoffreygevalt.com/contact and complete the form. Geoff will send you info on how to set up an account so you can poke around, share, comment and offer suggestions on how to improve the site and weigh in on the site's definition, direction and strategy to build.


  • Design: while this space may look a bit "old school," the design is clean and solid and offers many features:
    • Full digital media integration: Create a post of text — no length limits —and add an image (multiple images transforms into a slideshow); add an audio file (you can also record audio directly to the post); or embed a gif or video using code from an outside service.
    • Create an "exercise" — Perhaps you have an idea or prompt you think the community would like to respond to.
    • Create a "workshop" — Maybe you'd like to pass along a skill or knowledge that you have through interactive, informal teaching.
    • Create a "group" — Perhaps you'd lid ke to bring some collaborators in so you can circle up, share and communicate in efficient, unique ways and have some others join in to help.
    • Finding stuff: It's easy to sort content and comments through genres or by an author's name. And you can even find the posts that don't have any comments, so you can ensure you participate in YAPNET's mantra:
    • Sprout -- Deeply moved by something someone posted? Did it make you want to tell them your own story, or write your own poem, or share your own art that was stimulated by this person's post? Click the "Sprout" button and your two posts will be forever linked.

Everyone deserves a thoughtful response.


  • So how do you provide feedback?
    • Go to the full version of the post and you'll see the comment box on the right. Have at it. And reply to someone else's comments and have an extended "conversation." No word or character limits.
      • AND, if you just want to speak your mind, leave an audio comment by clicking "record a comment" and, well, speak.
      • You can also SPROUT off the person's post by clicking the "sprout" bottom at the bottom; use this if you are so deeply moved by the post that it made you think of someting, or you have something that you created that's related. Post it. And the two posts will be forever linked. One creating another.
    • You can also send the author a PRIVATE MESSAGE or an EMAIL, by simply clicking on their username and going to their "profile" page gand clickin the appropriate spot.
    • You can also ANNOTATE the content, that is, put a note within the body of someone else's post. That allows you to give some specific feedback on text; and your note will appear as a yellow mark on the spot you annotated.
  • Finally, while the main purpose of this community is to help creatives of all sorts get some feedback on works in progress,  we hope this space will also allow you to think up new ideas, stretch your wings, see how others do things and have a little fun. That's why we have (or will have):
    • Small stories — Create a post and add the hashtag: #smallstories
    • Daily Exercises — Prompts for creative response — words, sounds, music, visual art welcome.

All this takes people, though, people like you. Tell a friend. Tell two or three friends.

May 20

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